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Issue #190 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

The system should be extended to provide options to automatically load resources from a directory and/or resource group.

This could be done in such a way where file types are determined by file extension, and also the possibility to tell the system what type the files are in a specified location.

It may also be an idea to have an ability set extensions used to identify file types (.imageset and .iset, for Imagesets for example), and also file extensions that are to be ignored completely (such as the .ttf, .png, .tga files and so on).

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    trunk @ rev.2106

    This was implemented on a per-resource manager level (actually in the base class, but you get the idea!) via a 'createAll' function that will create/load all resources matching a file name pattern in a specified resource group. So for example:

    CEGUI::ImagesetManager::getSingleton().createAll("*.imageset", "imagesets");

    Would load all files ending in .imageset from the imagesets resource group.

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