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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "scriptkid"

If you look at the description for ItemListBase::insertItem() either in the source or on the api wiki, it says: "Insert an item into the list after a specified item already in the list."

However that is incorrect, it should say "Insert an item into the list before a specified item already in the list."

Reproducibility: always

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  1. Paul Turner

    This is quite interesting. In actual fact the docs are correct as per my original intention for insertion into lists, however the code is inserting items before the specified element and not after (this also the case in the original Listbox class that inspired the ItemListBase based classes, and possibly other classes too).

    Having thought about this for a bit, I have decided to keep the 'wrong' behaviour and fix the docs; two main reasons for this: 1) Everyone is already using the existing behaviour. 2) The existing behaviour is actually more logical.

  2. Paul Turner

    The docs in the code headers have been fixed in branches/v0-6 as of revision 1755.

    Even though the online API reference still has the incorrect text, I'm resolving this ticket since the API ref will automatically pick up the fix the next time they are regenerated and uploaded.

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