ItemListbox::removeItem() does not check selected state and can leave dangling pointer

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Issue #206 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

Basically, when you call ItemListbox::removeItem() it doesn't check to see if the item you are removing is currently selected (ItemListbox::d_lastSelected). So if you then call ItemListbox::getFirstSelectedItem() it returns an invalid pointer (assuming DestroyedByParent(True)). This was probably missed because removeItem() is actually derived from ItemListBase, which has no knowledge of ItemListbox::d_lastSelected.

Reproducibility: have not tried

Steps to reproduce: This can be easily reproduced: Code:

... CEGUI::WindowManager& cMan = CEGUI::WindowManager::getSingleton(); note memory address CEGUI::ItemListbox* pList = static_cast<CEGUI::ItemListbox*> (cMan.getWindow("EditChecklist/Frame/ItemListbox/Checklist"));

CEGUI::ItemEntry* pItem = (CEGUI::ItemEntry*)(CEGUI::WindowManager::getSingleton().createWindow("WindowsLook/ListboxItem")); pList->addItem(pItem); pItem->select(); pList->removeItem(pItem);

should return 0, but instead returns the memory address for the item that was just removed! pItem = pList->getFirstSelectedItem();

if (pItem) pItem->setText("Test"); crash and burn...

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