Add an option to disable the use of exceptions within the system.

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Issue #242 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

Make exceptions optional. When exceptions are disabled, a client supplied error handler would be called instead.

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    No setting or option for this feature has been (nor will be) added. However, as of r2493 in branches/v0-7 we now use the macros CEGUI_TRY, CEGUI_CATCH(e) and CEGUI_THROW(e) in place of straight try, catch and throw.

    It is thus possible when building CEGUI to effectively replace try/catch and throw with whatever mechanism the user might like to attempt. However, it's virtually certain that attempts to do this - such as that proposed by the OP in the linked forum topic - will fail to work as expected.

    By having the macros it is, however, far easier to identify try/catch and throw instances within the code base (for whatever purpose ;)).

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