Listbox::ensureItemIsVisible scrolls view even if item was already visible.

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Issue #246 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

The Listbox::ensureItemIsVisible function is intended to scroll the list view so that a specified item is visible somewhere within the viewing area. If the specified item is already visible, no action should be taken, however it appears that the view is still scrolled so the specified item appears at the bottom of the view area.

Reproducibility: unable to reproduce

Additional information: Reported here:

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    I tested this is various ways, and the behaviour is what I would consider normal. The list does not scroll at all if the item is completely visible. If the item is not completely visible, the list scrolls the minimal amount in an appropriate direction to ensure the item is - where possible - completely visible.

    I was unable to reproduce the behaviour described in the originators forums post (I'll follow up there and get more info if possible).

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