Investigate making ListboxTextItem check the background colour and adjust it's default text colour accordingly

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Issue #273 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

As per summary, and see:

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    I looked into this and have concluded that there is no reliable way to implement the behaviour without either major changes or imposing rigid requirements on how the background is specified.

    Basically, in the current system, the background colour is whatever imagery happens to be rendered there by the WigetLook assigned to the Listbox; it's not just some setting we can easily query. Due to this, the only way of determining the colour of the background is to sample the actual pixels after it has been rendered (which is bad enough), but even if we wanted to do this, there is currently no means provided within CEGUI to do this.

    While such functionality could - in theory - be added, the amount of reworking for such a simple tweak makes this one prohibitive.

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