Add possibility of direct injection for click, double click and triple click events.

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Issue #299 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

The built-in click generation is fine for the majority of cases, however there may be cases and users who would prefer a different event sequence than those internally generated.

Rather than try and guess all the sequences and possibilities that may be needed, the cleanest solution is to allow the user to inject their own 'click' events as they see fit (with an option to disable the internal click generation).


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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    branches/v0-7 @ r2316.

    Added setting to System to disable the automatic generation of these events, and added new injection functions that can be used instead.

    NB: With auto-generation switched off, the default handling of these new event injections is the same as for other mouse button events (i.e. always marked as handled unless the target window was a GUISheet root window with mouse pass though enabled).

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