MultilineEditbox incorrect format and display text when using pixmap fonts

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Issue #301 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "beltpro"

using Font:getTextExtent for measure length of words sum incorrect. Because extents are overlapping.

Reproducibility: always

Additional information: changes:

include/CEGUIFont.h: new Font::getTextAdvance method

src/elements/CEGUIMultiLineEditbox.cpp: MultiLineEditbox::formatText

WindowRendererSets/Falagard/src/FalMultiLineEditbox.cpp: FalagardMultiLineEditbox::cacheCaratImagery FalagardMultiLineEditbox::cacheTextLines

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  1. Paul Turner

    Issue confirmed, not sure about the patch; the issue seems more deep-rooted in Font, will evaluate and make a final decision.

  2. Paul Turner

    On closer analysis this seems to be more an issue of the input font/imageset xml pair. When the font and underlying imageset are correct, the results are also correct.

    For example, this issue is always reproducible with fonts exported from Font Studio 4, because those exported files appear to be incorrectly specified; the imageset image position and dimension parts are incorrect which is where the problems are coming from. The defined images for the underlying imageset are supposed to exactly fit the glyph graphic, but viewing the exported imageset we can see that there is large amounts of extra space within the defined image areas, it is this padding when added together, that causes the issues.

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