Add option to scrollbar such that it will maintain it's bottom / right most position.

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Issue #315 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue


Basically, it may be useful in many scenarios for a scrollbar to automatically maintain it's farthest position when the scrollbar config is updated in such a way that the 'document' gets larger.

The setting would only have effect if the thumb is already at the farthest location, under other circumstances the existing behaviour will prevail (preserve the absolute scroll position).

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    This has been implemented in branches/v0-7 @ r2440.

    Adds functions: void Scrollbar::setEndModeEnabled(const float); bool Scrollbar::isEndModeEnabled() const;

    Adds property: "EndModeEnabled"

  2. Paul Turner reporter

    Bah - typos!

    Functions are: setEndLockEnabled and isEndLockEnabled Propety is: "EndLockEnabled"

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