Mouse input propagation does not work for mousedown event.

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Issue #389 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "makofierce"

Mouse input propagation does not work for the mousedown event.

Changed line 2906 in ceguiwindow.cpp; seems to work:

if (d_propagateMouseInputs && d_parent && d_parent != System::getSingleton().getModalTarget())

Reproducibility: always

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  1. Paul Turner

    I've tested the behaviour of branches/v0-7 r2618, which as far as this particular code goes is the same as the 0.7.2 release. (As an aside, in future, please also include the svn revision number in your report so it's easier to identify the code you're referring to, or so that I can be confident that I'm looking at the right thing, thanks).

    The propagation behaviour for mouse button down is working correctly, and so no change is required.

    You should note that only <em>unhandled</em> inputs will be propagated, so for example the first 'click' of the left mouse button - the one that activates a window and brings it to the front - will be marked as handled internally by CEGUI and thus will not propagate, whereas subsequent clicks <em>will</em> propagate. This behaviour is by design.

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