Crash with OGRE 1.7 and CEGUI 0.7 (svn) adding to listbox

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Issue #396 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue


Reproducibility: have not tried

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    This has been identified as a thread related issue, and is basically caused by 'invalidate' clearing the render target immediately - i.e that happens in the logic thread while at the same time the rendering thread could be rendering.

    This "rendering call" should be 'requested', but the actual action deferred until the next actual rendering pass is done.

  2. Paul Turner reporter

    I'm resolving this particular ticket as 'no change required', since this specific issue (the crash when adding to listbox) is resolved by the user moving all their CEGUI code to run on the same thread.

    The larger issue of thread-safety and immediate vs requested action, is yet to be addressed; this needs a lot more consideration and will be an 0.8 thing at the earliest.

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