Irrlicht loadFromFile alternative

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Issue #406 wontfix
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "makofierce"

A much faster alternative when loading Irrlicht textures; may not be correct in all cases.

void IrrlichtTexture::loadFromFile(const String& filename, const String& resourceGroup) {

Get and check existence of the "CEGUI::System" object. System* sys = System::getSingletonPtr(); if (!sys) CEGUI_THROW(RendererException("IrrlichtTexture::loadFromFile: " "CEGUI::System object has not been created!"));

CEGUI::DefaultResourceProvider* rp = static_cast<CEGUI::DefaultResourceProvider*>(CEGUI::System::getSingleton ().getResourceProvider ()); std::string mystring = rp->getResourceGroupDirectory ("imagesets").c_str(); mystring.append (filename.c_str());

d_texture = d_driver.getTexture(mystring.c_str()); d_size.d_width = (float)d_texture->getOriginalSize().Width; d_size.d_height = (float)d_texture->getOriginalSize().Height; d_dataSize.d_width = (float)d_texture->getOriginalSize().Width; d_dataSize.d_height = (float)d_texture->getOriginalSize().Height; d_texelScaling.d_x = 1/((float)d_texture->getOriginalSize().Width); d_texelScaling.d_y = 1/((float)d_texture->getOriginalSize().Height); d_textureNumber += 1; return; }

Reproducibility: always

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  1. Lukas Meindl

    Can't accept this contributions without assertment that it works in all cases, or at least info as to when it does not work etc.

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