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Issue #407 resolved
Martin Preisler created an issue

This is actually a feature request. CEGUI should allow developers to substitute all allocation with their custom allocators. I am currently developing this. It is being implemented in the "CEGUI" way - developers have to implement their allocators, CEGUI only allows them to plug it in... Shipping nedmalloc allocators is being considered though.

More info about this on the forum:

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  1. Martin Preisler reporter

    bumping to 0.8 because this binary breaks every class even when turned off, it's more or less ready in branches/allocators-devel

  2. Martin Preisler reporter

    Ready and merged in 0.8 (svn trunk)

    There still may be leftover new an delete calls that I will try to snipe in the coming days.

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