float CEGUI::Scrollbar::getScrollPosition (void) Broken

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Issue #418 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "Impaler[WrG]"

The function float CEGUI::Scrollbar::getScrollPosition (void) dose not return the position of the Scrollbar and instead always returns 0. Yet the same Scrollbar object when getProperty("ScrollPosition") is called WILL return the correct position (in the form of a string) indicating that the correct value is in their some ware.

Reproducibility: always

Additional information: Using MinGW SDK with GCC 4.5

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  1. Paul Turner

    This issue was discussed with Imapler on IRC. It seems that the problem is due to some form of binary incompatibility; either due to differing versions of g++ used, or the use of some compiler options (either by the user, or myself when compiling the mingw SDK) resulting in a differing memory layout for objects.

    The issue shows up due to the Scrollbar::getScrollPosition being inline in the header. While it's possible to fix each instance of such binary differences by moving inlined functions to the implementation files, it does not actually resolve the root cause of differing binary representations.

    Thus, no code changes will be made.

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