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Issue #422 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "Lalaland"

The three times(not in a row) that I have used the build system on linux (./configure, make, make install), the headers and the libs were not moved at all.

I was forced to copy the header folder and use the command find . -name '*.so' -exec 'cp' '{}' 'lib' ';' to gather the libs.

Reproducibility: always

Additional information: Done on both 32bit and 64bit, ubuntu 10.04ish and debian(testing).

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  1. Paul Turner

    The build and install works fine for me on Gentoo (CEGUI's primary development platform), Ubuntu and Fedora.

    You need to give more information - such as any error messages received during install. If no additional information is provided the ticket will be marked as 'unable to reproduce' and closed.

    As an extreme long shot: assuming you're installing to one the usual prefix locations, you are remembering to run the install as root, right?

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