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Issue #431 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "TSS"

Fri Feb 25 12:34:38 2011 +0000 (3 hours ago) changeset 2484 85426a77cc0c

- modified most of the code to stop using a singleton - Got Sample6 running as a demo. Currently sample helper is written kind of confusing so i do a few "hacks" to get things running faster like passing manualy the system pointer from app to sample to window. - cegui\src\WindowRendererSets\Falagard\FalModule.cpp

CEGUI::WindowRendererModule* getWindowRendererModule(CEGUI::System& system) { return new CEGUI::FalagardWRModule(system); } I reimplemented this function quickly to create system based objects. Because of this we can't have a static object and we me should delete it when we are done with it.

BASED ON: ADD: Initial attempt at inheritence for WidgetLookFeel objects. There's a couple of supporting things that need to be dealt with: default tip author Paul Turner <> Thu Feb 24 20:09:04 2011 +0000 (60 minutes ago) changeset 2482 b6992c4e3e6e parent 2481 f409762fad37

Reproducibility: N/A

OS: Windows 7, OS build: Windows 7SP1 x64, Platform: Windows

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: TSS

    In the latest patch all projects should compile fine (the ones present in the picture since i don't have irlicht or ogre to update other files).

  2. Paul Turner

    Patch is rejected due to large amounts of whitespace changes, formatting changes and other changes not directly related to singleton removal (such as explicit added to class constructors). It became difficult to easily see what was related to Singleton removal and what was not.

    Please review the guidelines here: I would be happy to consider a patch that is 'clean'.

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