Add 'soft validation' / partial matching to Editbox regex validation

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Issue #433 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

See patch and more info here:

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    I've uploaded the patch from the thread here (fixed to apply to default branch as of this writing).

    The patch as provided breaks - in an unacceptable way - the behaviour of (at least) the spinner widget.

    I also think the old EventInvalidEntryAttempted event would need to be renamed or another event added given the way it's now used in certain additional scenarios.

    The patch also does not adhere to coding standards in use (grumble, grumble).

  2. Paul Turner reporter

    I've added this support to Editbox. The final result was 'inspired by' the patch, but does things in a way that does not break components and is also acceptable to me.

    All related changes completed as of changeset: 3431:1751c20ece19

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