Rendering stalling with AutoRenderingSurface and QuadBuffer

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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "ianstangoe"

Discovered a bug when using "AutoRenderingSurface" "True" on a top-level window using OpenGL QuadBuffer. Basically the right eye image frequently freezes when navigating around menus, fading menus in/out, switching images etc.. Disabling this flag corrects the issue.

Its this issue revisited:

I appreciate its difficult to solve without the hardware, but maybe there's an area to look into which may be obvious to the trained coder ;)

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: Use a CEGUIRQListener renderQueueListener class to render gui to a specific renderqueue.

Each frame:

  • Set left back buffer
  • Render (no buffer-flip)
  • Set right back buffer
  • Render (flip buffers)

On hover, fade in/out a window.

Set the property "AutoRenderingSurface" to "True" on a fullscreen Root DefaultWindow to which all other top-level windows are attached.

It seems that in the process of rendering the gui twice within a frame iteration, the second render intermittently but frequently doesn't synchronise its texture cache?

Any ideas why that might happen?

It seems skipping the texture caching removes the problem but it would be nice if it worked in all cases :p


Additional information: Not reproducable in DirectX or plain OpenGL application, however if you have any advice of code ammendments to try, I can quickly implement and test them during the day to help fix the issue.


OS: Windows , OS build: XP/VISTA/7, Platform: PC

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