CEGUI Error: Multisampling is On

Issue #448 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "kintaroe"

When running Directx debug runtime, and when the device has multisampling to 2x, an error is reported.

This report starts from the following forum thread:


Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: Create a directx device with multisampling enabled, 2x for example.

From directx control panel, set Use Debug runtime.

Create some cegui widgets.


Expected behaviour: all runs fine

Current behaviour:

the following error is thrown

Direct3D9: (ERROR) :MultiSampleType between DepthStencil Buffer and RenderTarget must match.

OS: XP, OS build: Service pack 3, Platform: Windows

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  1. Paul Turner

    I (finally) got around to testing this, but could not reproduce the issue as described. I tested on both the v0-7 and v0-8 branches.

    Looking around for clues and information, this appears to be more related to DepthStencilBuffers, which is strange, because to date CEGUI has never used anything like that.

    If this issue is still present, please provide code for a simple test case so that we can easily reproduce the issue and then look at possible fixes.

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