Inverted scrollbar when VertFormatting=BottomAligned

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Issue #449 resolved
Martin Preisler created an issue

Applies to StaticText, StaticImage and maybe other widgets as well.

Also check what happens when VertFormatting=VertCentred. Probably applies to HorzScrollbar/Formatting as well.

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: Create a StaticText, set VertScrollbar=true, set VertFormatting=BottomAligned.

Add enough text so scrollbar appears and try to scroll it.

Additional information: <Window Type='DefaultGUISheet' Name='GamePanel'> <Property Name='UnifiedSize' Value='1.0,0.0},{1.0,0.0'/> <Property Name='Text' Value='Game'/> <Property Name='InheritsAlpha' Value='true'/> <Property Name='Visible' Value='true'/> <Window Type='EmberLook/StaticText' Name='GameTextBox'> <Property Name='UnifiedSize' Value='1.0,0.0},{1.0,0.0'/> <Property Name='Text' Value=''/> <Property Name='InheritsAlpha' Value='True'/> <Property Name='VertFormatting' Value='BottomAligned'/> <Property Name='HorzScrollbar' Value='True'/> <Property Name='VertScrollbar' Value='True'/> </Window> </Window>

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  1. Paul Turner

    changeset: 3288:b3e06d5804f4 tag: tip user: Paul Turner <> date: Sun Jun 03 12:11:29 2012 +0100 summary: FIX: StaticText scrollbar behaviour was broken when combined with fomatting alignments other than top and left.

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