Feature request: auto-adjust for drop-down lists of combo boxes

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Issue #460 resolved
Former user created an issue

Automatic migration. Original reporter: "wondersye"

If the number of entries listed in the combo-box is too small to require scrollbars, entries will be rendered in a drop-down area that is generally too tall short of being auto-adjusted (see screenshot).

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: Create a combo box with only a few entries, and test it (Taharez).

Additional information: Tested with a SDL + OpenGL settings.

OS: Ubuntu , OS build: 11.04, Platform:

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  1. Paul Turner

    changeset: 3176:3183558f0bd3 user: Paul Turner <paul@cegui.org.uk> date: Wed Feb 29 18:06:47 2012 +0000 summary: ADD: Facility to combobox that supports auto-sizing of the drop-down list based on the content of the list. Each dimension is separately configurable.

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