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Issue #6 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

Original SF tracker item 1174780.

Hello, I think the ScrollablePane getUnclippedInnerRect function don't take care if the scrollbars are visible or not.

I use ScrollPane->getUnclippedInnerRect to place my childs windows with a 1.0 relative width.

I call a rearrangement of my child windows each time i resize the ScrollPane ( with Frame Parent ) but when i get to a state where VertScrollBar is visible, it occurs that VertScroll recover the childs, horzScrollBar appears.

I have only test it on VertScrollbar.


Reproducibility: always

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: lindquist

    problem is that getUnlippedInnerRect is used for clipping calculations, it's not just a function to make the client side coding easier...

  2. Paul Turner reporter

    As mentioned previously, I believe, for >=0.6.0 I will be doing a new FrameWindow to resolve some issues with the old one, part of what I am currently thinking about will enable us to have seperate 'client' and 'non-client' area-rects for a window, with such an arrangement should be possible to resolve this ScrollablePane situation too.

    I intend do more active thinking on this once 0.5.0 final is out.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: lindquist

    That sounds like a good solution. Seems most other GUI toolkits take this approach as well. It's also a cool feature and will allow for better composite widgets in general.

  4. Paul Turner reporter

    With the inner-rect fixes in 0.7.0 and recent fixes to ScrollablePane in order that inner clipper and inner rect areas of the content pane correctly correspond to the parent ScrollablePane, I think this type of issue is resolved.

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