UnknownObjectException when more than one property with layoutOnWrite="true" are used

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Issue #645 resolved
Pavlos Touboulidis created an issue

I'm not sure if this should go to "Core library" or "Falagard".

When I use more than one PropertyDim that refer to properties with layoutOnWrite="true" in the same Dim in a child window, it throws exceptions but still works:

CEGUI::UnknownObjectException in file cegui_mk2-build/cegui/src/PropertySet.cpp(122) : There is no Property named 'Test2' available in the set.

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: Modifying OgreTray.looknfeel for easy reproduction: @@ -4251,6 +4251,8 @@ :::: Tab control --> <WidgetLook name="OgreTray/TabControl"> + <PropertyDefinition name="Test" initialValue="{0,20}" layoutOnWrite="true"/> + <PropertyDefinition name="Test2" initialValue="1" layoutOnWrite="true"/> <Property name="TabButtonType" value="OgreTray/TabButton" /> <Property name="TabTextPadding" value="{0,6}" /> <Child type="OgreTray/TabContentPane" nameSuffix="auto_TabPane"> @@ -4258,9 +4260,9 @@ <Dim type="LeftEdge"><AbsoluteDim value="0" /></Dim> <Dim type="RightEdge"><UnifiedDim scale="1" type="Width" /></Dim> <Dim type="TopEdge"> - <PropertyDim widget="auto_TabPane" name="EnableBottom"> + <PropertyDim name="Test2"> <DimOperator op="Multiply"> - <PropertyDim name="TabHeight" type="Height" /> + <PropertyDim name="Test" type="Height" /> </DimOperator> </PropertyDim> </Dim>

Layout (Any layout that uses the tabcontrol): <Window Name="test312" Type="OgreTray/TabControl"> <Property Name="Position" Value="0,10},{0,10" /> <Property Name="Size" Value="1,-20},{0,70" /> <Window Name="qqq" Type="DefaultWindow"> </Window> </Window>

Additional information: Mercurial: changeset 2914

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