Add a facility for events to fire based on modification of properties defined in falagard xml.

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Issue #713 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

It would be highly useful if properties defined via PropertyDefinition and PropertyLinkDefinition could fire an event emanating from the target window.

All such events should pass a WindowEventArgs based object.

Whether we should use a single "EventFalagardPropertyChanged" and pass an event args with the property name and before / after values, or fabricate event names based on the property names should be considered carefully.

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Additional information: It is the skin creators job to ensure they do not either collide with - or abuse - existing event names (which basically happens if you trigger an event that would normally pass a different kind of event args struct).

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    User can specify arbitrary event name to fire via fireEvent attribute. Event is passed WindowEventArgs reference.

    changeset: 3183:b5874e5fb1d0 user: Paul Turner <> date: Thu Mar 01 17:07:41 2012 +0000 summary: ADD: Feature for properties and property links defined in looknfeel XML to fire some user specified event when the property is written.

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