Remove use of GLUT in samples and favour GLFW instead.

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Issue #714 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

GLUT is for some reason too slow, and gives an incorrect bad impression when comparing renderers in the demos.

Reproducibility: N/A

Additional information: If Ident's GL3 renderer and base app are merged prior to implementing this, the whole thing can be refactored in such a way that most of the code can be shared between the two (with only host window creation and instantiation of the Renderer needing to be specialised).

If these things are not merged yet, either wait, or still use Ident's code as a base - then refactoring will be easier after the merge of Ident's code.

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    changeset: 3040:8009ab2f4732 tag: tip user: Paul Turner <> date: Sun Feb 12 16:09:09 2012 +0000 summary: Remove GLUT in favour of GLFW.

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