There is no mechanism to trigger updates based on Inner rect (and other similar areas) sourced from WidgetLook.

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Issue #810 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

If the inner rect of a window changes due to a reason other than regular sizing event, the change is not communicated in any way, and content is not updated.

Easiest way to reproduce this is to set up a "inner_rect" NamedArea with some dimension or other tied to a PropertyDefiniton. Manipulating the property changes the area, but regular window content (defined in layout or code) does not have its position and size updated accordingly.

I believe that the issue here does not lie in the use of the property, but rather that the changing area should be detected and handled somehow.

Reproducibility: always

Additional information: See:

Also: This is not an issue with the PropertyDefintion layoutOnWrite functionality. That is defined as affecting children defined in the WidgetLook, not regular child content, so in this regard, the functionality of that feature is working as intended.

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    Could not make this fix in a non-breaking way in v0-7, so made a new v0-7-incompatible-fixes branch.

    changeset: 3318:03c266356721 branch: v0-7-incompatible-fixes user: Paul Turner <> date: Sat Jun 09 18:12:27 2012 +0100 summary: MOD: Window::performChildWindowLayout takes parameters and affects all child content.

    Will not close until this is merged / ported to default.

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