WidgetLook XML writing is totally broken

Issue #838 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

WidgetLook collections and other data related to PropertyDefinitions and PropertyLinkDefinitions were modified to use base Property* everywhere, but no mechanism was provided in order to access the definition subclasses in a generic way.

There is also instances of calling the wrong function entirely for writing XML (due to the above oversight), and passing zero pointers to function that must never have zero pointers passed to them.

Reproducibility: always

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    changeset: 3368:1f5eb0ac8fae user: Paul Turner <paul@cegui.org.uk> date: Sat Jun 16 21:19:55 2012 +0100 summary: FIX: Issues introduced by the vile things done when Falagard property definitons were templatised.

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