While selecting text inside the multiline editbox, moving it topwards outside the window selects the text wrongly

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Issue #843 resolved
Lukas Meindl created an issue

While selecting text with held mouse key inside the multiline editbox, moving it outwards the window, works nicely on the left right and bottom, but not if the top border is exceeded, from whereon the bottom end is taken as selection reference as it seems.

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: 1. write a lot of text in a multiline editbox 2. select somewhere in the middle and move mouse outside the window outside in different directions. 3. see that it doesnt work above the window

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  1. Paul Turner

    changeset: 3420:a42cefc62dda user: Paul Turner <paul@cegui.org.uk> date: Sat Jun 30 10:54:42 2012 +0100 summary: FIX: MultiLineEditbox drag-select issue when mouse cursor was above text area.

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