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Issue #867 resolved
Martin Preisler created an issue

10:52 < mpreisler> CrazyEddie: with the new RPATH stuff, do we have an explicit way to turn all that off? 10:52 < CrazyEddie> no 10:53 < mpreisler> we probably should have something like that 10:54 < CrazyEddie> Show me another library with an option to turn that on or off in the build, and I'll consider it. 10:55 < mpreisler> I will have to do it one way or another if I want to package cegui1 10:55 < CrazyEddie> at the moment it seems we're providing options for every contingency (which is fine), but all these other libs have the worst crappy builds man have ever seen and they don't give a fuck :) 10:55 < mpreisler> it is an option in autotools AFAIK 10:56 < CrazyEddie> mpreisler: you will also add the installed cegui location(s) to the, then? 10:57 < mpreisler> yeah, that's how it's done with Ogre 10:57 < mpreisler> you add a ld.conf file and regen the cache 10:57 < CrazyEddie> yeah 10:57 < CrazyEddie> my own personal opinion is that that sucks harder than rpath, but I understand. 10:58 < mpreisler> While there's no policy dictating the accepted use of RPATH, it's been a general consensus that RPATH use is discouraged, given the interactions between the above reasons and Debian's way of dealing with libraries and package dependencies. 10:59 < mpreisler> Fedora is even stricter, they disallow RPATH Unless you have a really good reason 10:59 < CrazyEddie> as I said, I understand the situation. I just don't agree with it, at all, in any way, shape or form (personally). 11:00 < kornerr> Suckage Day continues? 11:00 < kornerr> hi 11:01 < CrazyEddie> mpreisler: make a mantis ticket - when I go over the build, I'll look into it. 11:01 < CrazyEddie> kornerr: hi 11:01 < mpreisler> I shall obey! 11:02 < CrazyEddie> probably a good idea to paste this conversation in there too, else I might forget I said this and have a ragegasm or something :)

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