MingW32/Cygwin build fix

Issue #87 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "Dalfy"

CEGUI does not build correctly on Mingw32 / Cygwin

MINGW and CYGWIN compatability This patch converts all render, xmlparser, and major header files to allow both MINGW and CYGWIN to compile cegui. neither platform accept declspec(dllimport).

Imported from sourceforge on July 16, 2006 Submitted by macguyvok

Reproducibility: always

Additional information: This patch makes it possible to compile on MinGW, though more work is needed to get it to work on MSYS. Essentially MinGW throws warnings when is sees declspec(dllimport), so these are defined out if MINGW32 is seen, which is defined by the compiler. Also MinGW's std::exception doesn't accept a parameter in it's constructor, so these and their corresponding catches were replaced with CEGUI::String for MinGW only.

OS: Windows, OS build: all, Platform: MingW32

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    Original reporter: Dalfy

    I am closing this ticket cause its the same as ticket 55

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