Make it possible to create window mappings from within the LNF, so that they don't need to be added to the scheme

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Issue #878 new
Lukas Meindl created an issue

This may prevent users from getting the idea to create widgets that are purely meant as child windows for other widgets (PopupMenu, ComboDropList) as a seperate widget. As they wont be present in the schemes with the possbilty to create the mapping in the widget definition, they will not be able to be created with the windowmanager

CrazyEddie said there was such a function that wasn't tested and not finished but i couldnt find anything in the docs

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  1. Paul Turner

    Yeah, what I referred to was the 'look' attribute on Child elements (

    The docs there somewhat betray the age of this and also the fact it was not updated at all back in 0.5.0 when WindowRenderer's were introduced splitting that from the Window subclasses. So now you have the situation where you can set the LookNFeel for a window but not the WindowRenderer.

    It needs looking at, thinking about, and then updating. It would be good to have something done for 1.0 - so at least something is functioning, as opposed to having a feature that is out of date and impossible to use for anything useful :)

  2. Lukas Meindl reporter

    Another way to solve this is by adding an attribute to the scheme's that allow to mark a window ReadOnly (aka. window can't be created by a user directly)

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