OgreRenderer needs a feature to create an GUIContext from an Ogre::RenderTarget

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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "Hanmac"

currently there is no way to get an GUIContext of a Ogre::RenderTarget. you could only use it with CEGUI::OgreRenderer::create(rendertarget) but you cant render two different contexts on two different Ogre::RenderTargets

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  1. Henri Hyyryläinen

    I think this has been fixed already. There is a constructor

    static OgreRenderer& create(Ogre::RenderTarget& target,
                                    const int abi = CEGUI_VERSION_ABI);

    in RendererModules/Ogre/Renderer.h

    And I have successfully rendered to two Ogre::RenderTargets (os windows) at once using it.

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