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Issue #919 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "DEvil HUnter"

normaly i would expect keeping backspace pressed in a editbox to delete 1 char every 0.5 seconds or so. in cegui backspace will only delete one char on keyDown event so you have to press it meny times to delete a long text.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: DEvil HUnter

    this is not the solution i was hoping to see. first of all this implementation can only repeat/remember one key which is beeing hold down but you can keep more then one key pressed (yes normaly you will not and yes i know how to program this out). second you have to simulate a keyUp to repeat it what is also not the best solution. just repeating keyDown (if possible) would be better i think.

    i was just hoping for solution more integrated in cegui and a bit more neat. but thx anyway.

  2. Martin Preisler

    This has been demanded forever and the usually heard answer is that its not CEGUI's job to deal with this. Many input libraries will actually auto repeat themselves and doing it again in CEGUI makes little sense.

    I agree that this is an issue but a proper solution hasn't been found yet. I imagine that a contrib wrapper that would auto repeat would be very appreciated by the community.

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