Minibidi crash when applying shaping algorithm

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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "alecool"

When applying shaping to strings using the integrated minibidi library, there is a random crash on some arabic words. It seems tighlty linked to which string I try to apply shaping to. For a word that produces the crash, adding a space character at the beginning or the end of the string sometimes avoided the crash.

Reproducibility: random

Steps to reproduce: Create a basic CEGUI project, rendering for instance to OpenGL. The CEGUI library has to be built using default minibidi library with minibidi enabled. Display an arabic string. In my case, the following string (UTF8 as hex values) seemed to produce the bug : D98AD8AFD988D98A

Additional information: I tracked down the crash to the minibidi library, to incorrect array browsing that seems to go out of bounds on two places. I propose a fix located on a bitbucket repos at the following location : using changeset:

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