After loading schemes etc., memory will not be deleted after deinitialisation of CEGUI

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Issue #927 resolved
Lukas Meindl created an issue

Memory leaks caused when loading a scheme and destroying the System.

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: 1. m_ceguiOpenGL3Renderer = &CEGUI::OpenGL3Renderer::create(); CEGUI::System::create(*m_ceguiOpenGL3Renderer);

  1. CEGUI::SchemeManager::getSingleton().createFromFile("WindowsLook.scheme");

  2. CEGUI::System::destroy();

--> Memory blocks in sizes of 160 bytes and others are not destroyed

also happens if using bootstrap function

OS: Windows 7 64, OS build: Windows 7 64, Platform: Windows 7 64

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