Crash in FalagardButton::render(), Access violation exception

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Issue #931 invalid
Former user created an issue

Automatic migration. Original reporter: "cziter15pl"

It's very annoying bug...

Details: FalagardButton::render() is in FalagardButton class, which intherits Window class. I think it's a bug with pointer or calling destructor too early, because when it's rendering button it goes good with standard Window properites - checking if window is disabled works properly. When we get crash ? Simply, when execution goes to line "if (w->isPushed())", isPushed is non window-standard function, it's specific to FalagardButton, and it crashes when calling isPushed.

Reproducibility: have not tried

OS: Windows, OS build: XP, Platform: PC

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: cziter15pl

    It looks like CEGUI is using FalagardButton to render DefaultWindow.

  2. Paul Turner

    CEGUI::FalagardButton does not inherit CEGUI::Window.

    CEGUI does not use anything to render DefaultWindow unless that is somehow mapped in either a scheme xml file or by creating such a mapping in code.

    Your report lacks vital information, such as precisely what you're doing and/or a simple test case to reproduce the issue, as well as a backtrace/callstack with debugging symbols from the point of the crash.

    Seems to me you are doing something very wrong, but have no idea what since there is no diagnostic information included in your report.

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