Have a way to force a scrollbar hidden, similar to how it can be forced visible

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Issue #936 new
Pavlos Touboulidis created an issue

ScrolledItemListBase has two methods:

void setShowVertScrollbar(bool mode) and void setShowHorzScrollbar(bool mode)

that force the scrollbar visible, despite content size.

I would like to be able to force the scrollbar invisible, despite content size.

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Additional information: It's needed when you want to have the contents of the list visible but not the scrollbar (imaging an unfocused chatbox - you want the text visible but not the scrollbar unless it's needed and the chatbox focused).

I'm currently faking it by changing the scollbar's appearance to transparent when the chatbox is deactivated and back to opaque when it's activated.

P.S. Simply hiding the scrollbar wouldn't be enough because if enough items are added to the list, it will be shown again.

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