Overlay on top of ProgressBar's Progress section for displaying text/icons

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Issue #967 open
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When drawing a progressbar I want some support for drawing text over my progressbar (for displaying 'amount of hp', 'percentage of health' for example).

When drawing text in the 'Enabled' stateImagery however, the text is rendered behind the 'EnabledProgress' image. Drawing text in the 'EnabledProgress' stateImagery results in text only being rendered as far as the progress goes which is not an option.

There is no option right now for drawing an extra layer on top of a progressBar (for text/icons or anything else) which could prove useful. The current solution is to add an extra staticText component on top of the progressBar, but a solution inside the ProgressBar itself would be best.

Reproducibility: always

OS: Windows, OS build: 7, Platform:

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