void OpenGLTexture::generateOpenGLTexture() uses non-core function

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Issue #980 resolved
Lukas Meindl created an issue

glTexEnvf(GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE, GL_MODULATE) is non-core ogl3 and is used anyways

Reproducibility: always

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  1. Paul Turner

    Fixed for v0-8 in a binary compatible, but not ideal way. Will leave ticket open until a clean fix is put into v0 branch.

    changeset: 3998:068fa68ddafb branch: v0-8 user: Paul Turner paul@cegui.org.uk date: Sun Jun 02 16:41:10 2013 +0100 summary: FIX: GL3 renderer was relying on function not available in 3.2 core profile.

  2. Paul Turner

    Resolving so this shows in changelog correctly. Will open new ticket for clean version of this fix.

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