The titlebar of FrameWindow with WindowsLook is rendered with wrong size after host window resize

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Issue #997 resolved
Lukas Meindl created an issue

When the host window is resized the titlebar of an autoscaling FrameWindow will resize too. THis works fine with taharezlook in place of a windowslook skin, but with windowslook it is bugged. The imageset is not the issue. it must be something in the LNF, that directly or indirectly triggers the issue. The resizing always lags behind 1 step of update

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: 1. Start samplebrowser with drag n drop demo activated 2. open drag drop demo 3. make the application/host window substantially bigger 4. make it substantially smaller 5. observe the titlebar - it is too big 6. horizontically size the host window by only a bit 7. the titlebar is displayed correctly now

each change affects the titlebar delayed by 1 update

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  1. Lukas Meindl reporter

    I found out it is the following line in the WindowsLook.looknfeel xml in the section describing "WindowsLook/FrameWindow" that causes the delayed update. The problem must therefore be directly tied to the operatordim:

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