Patch by dermont: "Python OpenGL Texture was not wrapped"

#148 Open

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hg update 8de0e6e527c6
hg pull -r devel-pythonglrendererbindings
# Note: This will create a new head!
hg merge devel-pythonglrendererbindings
hg commit -m 'Merged in Ident8/python-opengl-texture-not-wrapped/devel-pythonglrendererbindings (pull request #148)'
  1. Lukas Meindl
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Comments (4)

  1. Martin Preisler

    Couple of minor formatting issues, other than that it looks fine.

    I think it would be best if we kept the author info in the commit. This way it looks like you wrote it and that is unfair to dermont, the original author.

    1. Lukas Meindl author

      what needs to be formatted? i will add the author info in the follow-up commit.

      1. Lukas Meindl author

        I have formatted it and added GLM. As a reminder: We need some sort of ifdef switch for the different GL texture types otherwise this won't work on all systems (currently it doesnt work on Windows due to X11 from the GLXPBTextureTarget.h)