Author: Cellarosi Marco (

django-imagesbox is an application packaged for Django that allow you to tag some pictures and photos.

The current features are: - upload images - add tags to pictures you have uploaded


You need:

  • PIL>=1.1.7
  • Django>=1.3


You can copy the imagesbox folder into your project or exec

$ sudo python install

into django-imagesbox folder to install it.



You will need to add 'imagesbox' to your INSTALLED_APPS and edit your project's to include imagesbox.urls. For example, you could add this line:

(r'imagesbox/', include('imagesbox.urls')),

If you do not use 'imagesbox/' as the "mount point" for django-imagesbox urls you will need to update this accordingly.


If you want to see how django-imagesbox works, you simply have to go in example project and run these commands:

$ ./manage syncdb

$ ./manage runserver

After that, go into admin section to make a login and upload one picture going to http://localhost:8000/imagesbox/upload/single/.

Finally, return to root http://localhost:8000/imagesbox/ to tag the picture. Base template are provided in example demo.

Embedding in your website

django-imagesbox expects a imagesbox/base.html template to exist so you can override this template in your own project/app to integrate the tag functionality.


With these dependencies installed you can run the tests from the example/ folder with the command

$ ./ test imagesbox

Feel free to contact me with suggestions