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	    Getting started with the Userland Consolidation

Building the bits

    The Userland consolidation maintains a Mercurial gate at
    This gate contains build recipies, patches, IPS manifests, etc. necessary
    to download, prep, build, test, package and publish open source software.
    In order to build the contents of the Userland gate, you need to clone it.
    Since you are reading this, you probably already have, but in any event
    you can do so with the following command
    $ hg clone ssh://anon@hg.opensolaris.org//hg/userland/gate /scratch/clone
    In order to build the bits either individually or collectively, you must
    set the WS_TOP environment variable to point to the top of your workspace.
    $ export WS_TOP=/scratch/clone
    To build and publish the entire contents of the gate, you can use
    $ cd /scratch/clone
    $ gmake publish
    To build and publish a specific component you need to initialize the
    workspace by building the tools and creating a repository to publish
    your results in.  The easiest way to do this is to
    $ cd /scratch/clone
    $ gmake setup
    Once you have initialize the the workspace, you can build individual
    components by
    $ cd /scratch/clone/components/(component)
    $ gmake publish
    All of the bits are are built will be published to the repository created
    by the setup step (file:///scratch/clone/repo/)  If you build the entire
    contents of the gate, individual build logs for each component will be
    located at /scratch/clone/logs/(target):(component).log