============== beaker-mongodb ============== MongoDB backend for Beaker's caching / session system. .. _Beaker: .. _MongoDB: Configuration ============= To set this up in your own project so that beaker can find it, it must define a setuptools entry point in your file. If you install from the egg distribution, beaker-mongodb SHOULD create a beaker.backend entry point. If you need to tweak it/see how it's done or it just doesn't work and you need to define your own, mine looks like this:: >>> entry_points=""" ... [beaker.backends] ... mongodb = beaker.ext.mongodb:MongoDBNamespaceManager ... """, With this defined, beaker should automatically find the entry point at startup (Beaker 1.4 and higher support custom entry points) and load it as an optional backend called 'mongodb'. There are more configuration options and details in the Beaker configuration docs [1]_. .. [1] Beaker's configuration documentation - I have a few cache regions in one of my applications, some of which are memcache and some are on mongodb. The region config looks like this:: >>> # new style cache settings ... beaker.cache.regions = comic_archives, navigation ... beaker.cache.comic_archives.type = libmemcached ... beaker.cache.comic_archives.url = ... beaker.cache.comic_archives.expire = 604800 ... beaker.cache.navigation.type = mongodb ... beaker.cache.navigation.url = mongodb://localhost:27017/beaker.navigation ... beaker.cache.navigation.expire = 86400 The Beaker docs[1] contain detailed information on configuring regions. The item we're interested in here is the **beaker.cache.navigation** keys. Each beaker cache definition needs a *type* field, which defines which backend to use. Specifying mongodb will (if the module is properly installed) tell Beaker to cache via mongodb. Note that if Beaker cannot load the extension, it will tell you that mongodb is an invalid backend. Expiration is standard beaker syntax, although not supported at the moment in this backend. Finally, you need to define a URL to connect to MongoDB. This follows the standardized MongoDB URI Format[2]_. If you want to use MongoDB's optional authentication support, that is also supported. Simply define your URL as such:: >>> beaker.cache.navigation.url = mongodb://user@password@localhost:27017/beaker.navigation .. [2] MongoDB URI Format: