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 editing. A proper API reference will be made available in time. Until then,
 refer to the Struct declaration in `pypkm.structs`.
+If you have GTS data, you can edit that as well:
+>>> gts_data = open('/path/to/gts_pkm.pkm.proper', 'r').open()
+>>> proper_pkm = pypkm.load(gen=4, data=gts_data)
+>>> proper_pkm.level
+>>> proper_pkm.ot_name
+PyPKM also handles converting data. You can convert PC box data to party data,
+to/from GTS server-sent data, and to/from GTS client-sent data. The list of
+conversion methods are as follows:
+* Gen4Pkm.togen5() - converts Gen 4 data to Gen 5
+* .toparty() - adds battle data
+* .togtsserver() - converts to data sent by the GTS server
+* .togtsclient() - converts to data sent by the DS
+* .fromgtsserver() - converts from data sent by the GTS server
+* .fromgtsclient() - converts from data sent by the DS
 If you've edited the data, you probably want to save. PyPKM does not handle
 saving data; you must save the file yourself. However, to convert an object
 into a string of byte data: