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version bump and tag of new release

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 ((egg "log5-scm.egg")
- (author "David Krentzlin") 
+ (author "David Krentzlin")
  (synopsis "Logging library based on Common Lisp's log5")
  (category io)
  (license "MIT")
  (depends defstruct syslog)
  (test-depends test)
- (files ".hgignore" "log5scm-lolevel.scm" "log5scm.meta" "log5scm.release-info" "log5scm.scm" "log5scm.setup" "" "tests/examples.scm" "tests/run.scm" "tests/test.log"))
+ (files ".hgignore" "log5scm-lolevel.scm" "log5scm.meta" "log5scm.release-info" "log5scm.scm" "log5scm.setup" "" "tests/run.scm"))


 (release "0.4")
 (release "0.5")
 (release "0.5.2")
+(release "1.0.0")
-(define version "0.5.2")
+(define version "1.0.0")
 (compile -s -d0 -O3 log5scm-lolevel.scm -j log5scm-lolevel)
 (compile -s -d0 -O3 log5scm-lolevel.import.scm)
   '("" "")
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