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File mira.core/mira.core.asd

                            (:file "utils" :depends-on ("debug"))
                            (:file "bootable" :depends-on ("debug"))
                            (:file "acl")
-                           (:file "logging")
+                           (:file "logging" :depends-on ("debug"))
                            (:file "message-passing" :depends-on ("utils"))
                            (:file "message" :depends-on ("utils" "logging"))
                            (:file "channel" :depends-on ("message" "message-passing" "bootable" "logging"))

File mira.core/src/processor.lisp

   (setup-commands processor))
+;; (defcommand processor 0 (echo (content &key (foo  1))
 ;; (defmethod setup-commands ((proc <my-procssor>))
 ;;   (defcommand proc 0 (echo (content &key (foo  1))
 ;;                           (do-sth-with content)))))
-;;   (defusage proc echo
+;; (defusage processor echo
 ;;     :banner "echo content"
 ;;     (foo :required "Sets the frooble")
 ;;     (bar :optional "Set the barble"))
 (defmacro defusage (processor command-name banner &rest options)
-  `(defmethod add-command :after ((eql ,processor) cmd-name cmd)
-     (when (equal? (string ',command-name) (string cmd-name))
-       (with-slots (usage help) ,cmd
-         (setf usage banner)
-         (setf help (generate-help
-                     (string ',command-name)
-                     banner
-                     '(,@options)))))))
+  `(with-slots (usage help) ,processor
+     (setf usage banner)
+     (setf help (generate-help
+                 (string ',command-name)
+                 banner
+                 '(,@options)))))
 (defun command-syntax? (input self-ident)
   (cl-ppcre:scan (format nil "^~A:? +~A(.+?)"

File mira.processors/src/.dict-validwords