David Krentzlin avatar David Krentzlin committed 7f0d23c

added variation to (it) form that allows an even more compact form in conjuction with (is)

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       (create-example (sprintf "should ~S" (quote matcher))
                       (lambda ()
                         (expect (subject) matcher)))))
+    ((_ (matcher arguments ...))
+     (it should (matcher arguments ...)))
     ((_ description)
      (add-example-to-context (create-example description #f pending: #t)))
     ((_ description (meta (tag value ...) ...))
 (describe "Missbehave features"
   (describe "implicit subject"
      (subject-set! 42)
+     (it (is 42))
+     (it (is a number))
      (it should (be 42))
      (it should (be a number)))
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