VERSION 1.2.1, November 2000

This is Psd, the portable Scheme debugger. It does source code
debugging for any R4RS compliant Scheme interpreter when run in a
GNU Emacs buffer. With Psd you can
 * set and clear breakpoints
 * single step evaluation
 * examine and change the variables of the debugged program
 * examine the call stack
 * follow execution in an editor window
 * run a program until a run time error occurs, and examine the state
   of the program

TO INSTALL: see the manual in doc/
TO RUN: see the manual

Psd has not been updated to work with R5RS, but it should mostly work
with a R5RS compliant Sceme. See the manual for more details.

Files in the distribution:

 README			this file
 COPYING		the GNU General Public License
 doc/article.ps		an article describing Psd that appeared in
			Lisp Pointers.
 doc/psd.texi		a user's manual in Texinfo form
 doc/psd.info		the manual as an info file
 doc/psd.ps		the manual as a PostScript file
 doc/psd.pdf		the manual as a PDF
 doc/psd.html		the manual as HTML

 psd.el			Psd minor mode for Emacs

 psd.scm		the generic main file that takes care of loading Psd
 psd-slib.scm		main file to be used with slib
 instrum.scm		the instrumentation code
 pexpr.scm		definition of pexps, which are sexps with position
 read.scm		the reader for Psd
 runtime.scm		runtime support for debugging
 primitives.scm 	runtime support that has to know about primitive
 version.scm    	announces the Psd version
 qp.scm	        	print any Scheme object in one line, truncating if
			necessary. This comes from slib.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

	    Pertti Kellom\"aki (TeX format), pk@cs.tut.fi
		     Tampere Univ. of Technology
			 Software Systems Lab