David Krentzlin committed f77f0e7

removed some whitespaces

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 (load "test-helper")
 (use sendfile)
  (let* ((mb-buffer (generate-buffer (mebibytes 1)))
         (mb-checksum (buffer-checksum mb-buffer)))
    (define (stream-mb-buffer)
         (stream-file temp-file sendfile))))
    (test-group "sendfile main interface"
                (test "sendfile" mb-checksum (stream-mb-buffer)))
    (test-group "forcing implementation"
                        (buffer-checksum tail)
                         (lambda (input output)
-                          (sendfile input output offset: 40)))
-                       )
+                          (sendfile input output offset: 40))))
                  (test "size"
                        (buffer-checksum head)
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